With a visionary approach to building vibrant communities, Dimex Group has developed a wide variety of residential, commercial and multi-family homes. With ever increasing attention to detail, Dimex Group has been able to specialize in a wider scope of Real Estate Development, Marketing, Management and Construction.

Successfully harnessing prime opportunities and transforming them into tangible realities is how Dimex Group has become one of the most progressive Real Estate development firms in Metro Vancouver. What makes this approach unique is a deep understanding of the changing urban landscape and innovative ways to pioneer a new standard of life.


With attention to detail, ETERNITY is meticulously infused into tasteful themes filled with elegance and modernity.

Living at ETERNITY gives a new meaning to functionality and accessibility, redefining the design and value of your home. The use of premium appliances and efficient design of each floor plans means each residence is timeless and fresh. With a sustainable mindset, ETERNITY is the next step for new homebuyers looking to expand their horizons.